Size Matters - More to Men, This is why jockstraps help!

Size Matters - More to Men, This is why jockstraps help!

Size Matters - More to Men, This is why jockstraps help!

Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychiatry, said that men had a sexual thought consciously or subconsciously every 3 seconds. He timed it like a racehorse when he wasn’t busy having sexual relations with his mother. Psychiatrists go to school for 22 years, subject themselves to years of Psychotherapy, then sit while you ramble and beg for advice for 45 minutes, only to say at the end, “What do you think? I’m afraid our time is up for this week.” You could go insane merely from their torture tactics.

Obviously penis size matters to a woman. Penises range in size from 1’ to 14” on men. The longer and wider and harder the penis, the more friction is created, the deeper the penetration, and the more likely the woman is to achieve vaginal orgasm. However other things are more important to a woman, such as extended foreplay, clitoral stimulation to orgasm, g spot stimulation to orgasm, and length of time after intercourse before the man hails a cab, generally anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes on average...but nobody really takes that into consideration.

Size definitely matters to women, but it matters far more to men. When a man walks into a gym locker room and sees a bunch of men walking around in nothing but a jockstrap, - or nothing at all, he’s sure to compare his size with theirs. Penis envy is not a female phenomenon despite the ravings of the incestuous Dr. Freud. Penis envy is a male phenomenon.

So how can you make your package look more “prodigious”, or more sizable, for better words? Wearing the right underwear plays a major role. I urge you to throw away those 6 year old, worn out, stretched boxer-briefs and opt for something more flattering - The Mo’Milk Jockstrap! Not only do these form-fitted bad boys give you a nice silhouette but they also uplift your cheeks so it doesn’t look like your back continues straight down to your legs. Mo’Milk Mens Underwear, because it’s good for you.

According to research done at Heidelberg University, it is a scientific fact that the purchases of Corvettes and BMW’s are inversely proportional to the length of a man’s penis. Men think that if they have an expensive fancy car then women will think that they are financially successful and will date them, leading other men to think that they are stacked.

The basic theme of any male Rap song and video is always the same. “I am the coolest most hung baddest dude in town and I can ride you all night long.” This is always backed up by half naked stunning harem women slithering around the artist. The lack of a white boxing champion for the past 75 years since Rocky Marciano, has led white men to flock to seven sequels of the Rocky movie. Rocky is now coming out of retirement, the “Italian Stallion”, for a rematch against Kanye West, who has been paid 5 million dollars to take a dive in the fifth, to soothe the wounded egos of male White America, and that’s what it’s all about anyway, “Ego”.

The Ego is the part of the brain that either says in your mind, “I am wonderful”, or “I am garbage.” The “Id” is the part of your brain that says “I want food, water, sex etc.” The Ego is what causes men to desire multiple partners endlessly through cyber dating, because once a woman gives in, no matter how beautiful she is, no matter how loving and caring, she has now lost the ability to give to the man the thing he wants most to boost his Ego, that initial conquest, that triggers in the man’s mind, “I am great, I conquered her.” Men need this to compensate for wounded Egos received at the hands of their insecure fathers, because criticism and control make the father feel great, to compensate for their own reality, unfulfilled wives due to their tiny narrow limp phallus. This is the root cause of the male mid life crisis, leading to divorce and insecure offspring because the male now needs a young wife the same way that he needs a Corvette. Have you ever noticed the shape of a Corvette?

This would all be bad enough but size issues are at the root of male competitiveness in both sports and war. Kim Jong Il, the mini me leader of North Korea has a stable of gorgeous young blonde American women, to make up for his tiny thang. “That’s all you got, baby?” Those words led to the swift execution of a one hit wonder American Diva who was all into the Grace Kelly thing. This would be bad enough, but the development of nuclear weapons and the verbal bravado of this midget against the United States is directly linked to the madman midget’s size insecurity. Ironically midgets are generally very well endowed in proportion to their body size, and this is why they have such confidence. A well known self confidence building mantra used extensively by the Moonies, is “My rooster is huge and hard, and I can ride you all night long.” The problem has become so bad, that erectile dysfunction has become the third leading growth industry worldwide, and men are running for medication named after the enormous gushing of the massive powerful power generating Niagara Falls, even knowing that it causes a rare but pervasive form of blindness.

Martha Stewart has a solution for this insecurity problem which is now leading us all into the Apocalypse, the sudden violent end of all life on Earth forever. The Christian people are eagerly constructing and waiting for the Apocalypse, so that when it comes, after about 30 seconds, they can all say as One, “Look, we were right!” This need to be right, and this unbearable pain of being wrong, is a direct result of penis insecurity. Martha’s solution is that all men be forced to wear their bag and their bone on their foreheads, for all to see, to instantly put an end to all the b/s and bluffing leading us all into the nuclear inferno. Oprah seconds the motion. She has the most to lose, according to Dr. Phil, the bald barking know it all with the 3 inch penis. Our modern Dr. Freud wears a sock folded in his pants to hide his shortcomings. Maybe an international naked at work day is the answer for saving life on earth. Maybe the Apocalypse won’t be that bad. At least it will put an end to the zillions of Erectile Dysfunction (medications for 1 inch shriveled up things that refuse to stand up no matter how much kiddy porn the man watches) emails in our email boxes. How do these snake oil salesmen get our addresses anyways? Why aren’t they all blind yet? The insecurity disease has now spread to women rushing for breast implants, and to the male obsession with increasing their Google Page Ranking. Have you ever noticed the graphic that Sergey Brin and Larry Page use to display that ranking? They didn’t become zillionaires at 32 by being oblivious to the male fixation with size now, did they?