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American psycho and Hannibal had a love child, and he grew up to be an even bigger douchebag than expected. Say hi to Mark. There's a fine line between blunt honesty and just plain petty. He gets this natural buzz off being a jerk to everyone around him. In fact, he's already judging what you're wearing right now – not impressed.

Mark loves to start his mornings off by brewing an espresso and reminiscing about the toxic relationships he's been in. Because there's nothing like the smell of coffee and regret to get you ready for the day! 

What's that? A Job? As in HARD LABOUR? Lol, that's a hard pass. Mark won the lottery back in 2017, so he's set for the next few years. Most people would've donated some of that money to a good cause. With a guy like Mark, you're lucky if he even adds that extra R2 to his KFC meal.

Now, he gets ready to make his daily trip to the mall, where he becomes every retail worker's worst nightmare. After a long day of shopping and making little kids cry, he returns home. Mark throws on a silk gown, pours a tall glass of merlot, and binge-watches his favourite murder mysteries. I mean, he may not be your ideal bestie, but oof, now that's the life. 

We know some of you guys don't mind being a little petty now and then. Are you the opposite of a people person? We don't blame you. An evening of solitude and self-care can do wonders for the soul. People are overrated and problematic, so it's better to keep them at the doorstep. This may be a rare phenomenon, but we think Mark's found a match! You two can spend the days cringing at people and obsessing over yourselves. Get a Mark because the world is yours, and the rest of us are just living in it.


MO'MILK Chai Range

Ready to add some spice to your life? Our new range of jockstraps for men is inspired by aromatic and delicious chai. Designed to bring in all the core elements of the MO'MILK Men's Underwear brand from our signature red to our classic black, all that is missing is you! 😉 


  • Highly breathable, moisture wicking and fast drying.
  • Chlorine resistant
  • UV protected
  • Form fitting - now designed to provide more lift for the boys
  • Freeing - liberate yourself
  • Elastic logo waistband with extra comfort

82% polyester / 18% spandex | 70% Polyester 30% Elastane

Washing Instructions:

Please adhere to instructions for delicates.

Cold wash only with a low to medium spin cycle.

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