MO'MILK Basic Black Brief

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Designed to make you feel your best as you move, work and sleep.

Buckle up. We’ve introduced a new line of traditional briefs! Featuring the iconic MO’MILK elastic that singles out any wearer as the life of the party. Each of our briefs is made using super soft cotton for maximum comfort and lycra material to ensure they slip on like a glove. You can go out feeling confident that our formfitting briefs will keep your boys in place and your buns looking great.


MO'MILK Basics

We are taking it back to the classics with our basic briefs and boxers briefs. Our capsule collection of everyday underwear is made with cotton with lycra for stretch. It's like butter for your boys. With a little lift where it matters most, you can show off your prize jewels.    


  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Form-fitting - now designed to provide more lift for the boys
  • Freeing - liberate yourself
  • Elastic logo waistband with extra comfort
  • Tagless

100% Cotton Lycra | 70% Polyester 30% Elastane

Washing Instructions:

Please adhere to instructions for delicates.

Cold wash only with a low to medium spin cycle.

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