MO'MILK Mzansi Chai Jockstrap

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Walk out in this jockstrap on a cold winter's morning, and THEN you'll know the true meaning of "Uit die blou van onse hemel." Ma boet, if you can wear thigh-high khaki shorts with pride, you can wear this jockstrap. Our Mzansi Jockstrap is super special to us because it highlights MO'MILK as a proudly South African brand. You might be wondering, didn't Ryk V. N wear one of these when he represented us in the Olympics? Well, we're not spilling anything, but we will say that our jocks work perfectly for pool dates, too #swimbae  

Siya should be elected the official hype man for our country. Loadshedding? Don't you mean romantic candlelit dinners? Water cuts? Now you have an excuse to visit your rich neighbor's swimming pool (and the perfect swimming attire too). South Africa continues to show us flames, but Siya encompasses every South African that keeps smiling through it all! He knows things can get rough, but he also knows that our sense of Ubuntu and rich culture can't be found anywhere else in the world! Imagine going to a country that sees December as the "Christmas holidays" instead of KeDezemba Groove? Could never be us shem.

Another thing we love about South Africa is its diversity. There's something so wholesome about a country that promotes love and kindness for ALL of the different people who call it their home. What could be more heart-warming than individuals from many walks of life coming together to celebrate their differences as well as what unites them?

So, if we haven't made it clear enough, our Mzansi jock is for anyone and everyone. Doesn't matter whether you're big or small. Thick or thin. Black, white, blue or brown. It is a proudly South African jockstrap and tailored for every person that forms part of what we call our beautiful rainbow nation.


MO'MILK Chai Range

Ready to add some spice to your life? Our new range of jockstraps for men is inspired by aromatic and delicious chai. Designed to bring in all the core elements of the MO'MILK Men's Underwear brand from our signature red to our classic black, all that is missing is you! 😉 


  • Highly breathable, moisture wicking and fast drying.
  • Chlorine resistant
  • UV protected
  • Form fitting - now designed to provide more lift for the boys
  • Freeing - liberate yourself
  • Elastic logo waistband with extra comfort

82% polyester / 18% spandex | 70% Polyester 30% Elastane

Washing Instructions:

Please adhere to instructions for delicates.

Cold wash only with a low to medium spin cycle.

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