MO'MILK Benny Chai Jockstrap

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Ugh, what we would give to go back to the days of neon raves and afterparties! Have no fear. Benny is here to bring back all of those nostalgic memories. Be warned, he's not for the fainthearted. It'll literally be 10 pm on a night out, and Benny will hit you with that "Guys, the night is just getting started"

…*cries in millennial*. 

So, buckle up and down those Jager bombs. While we don't know whether you'll make it back from the babalaas tomorrow, we do know that you'll be making unforgettable memories with Benny!

Benny has a sort of controversial opinion. Just hear him out, "You can still party after you turn 30." We know, we know, might as well give us a bad review on Indeed. Here's the thing. Too many millennials fall victim to the 9 to 5 grind once they hit their late 20s. And it's unfortunate! 

We get it, having to deal with pandemics, economic recessions and boomers pushing grind culture isn't easy. But it's time you took back your power! Hate on Gen Z all you want, but if those snowflakes have anything going for them, it's their ability to prioritize both work and mental wellbeing. Benny got the message, and you should too.

He's here as a reminder that you're still young. Do what sets your soul on alight before you end up a miserable cat dad in his 60s. Whether it's partying, traveling, or meeting new people, go do it! Be a bit daring from time to time. Spice things up in the bedroom (by wearing a neon jockstrap, for instance). Benny was built for the man that's ready to take a few risks. If you're the type of guy longing for change, get ready to let all hell run loose, and Benny will make sure that booty looks good in the process.


MO'MILK Chai Range

Ready to add some spice to your life? Our new range of jockstraps for men is inspired by aromatic and delicious chai. Designed to bring in all the core elements of the MO'MILK Men's Underwear brand from our signature red to our classic black, all that is missing is you! 😉 


  • Highly breathable, moisture wicking and fast drying.
  • Chlorine resistant
  • UV protected
  • Form fitting - now designed to provide more lift for the boys
  • Freeing - liberate yourself
  • Elastic logo waistband with extra comfort

82% polyester / 18% spandex | 70% Polyester 30% Elastane

Washing Instructions:

Please adhere to instructions for delicates.

Cold wash only with a low to medium spin cycle.

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