Men's Killer Online Dating Profile Tips!

Men's Killer Online Dating Profile Tips!

Are you dating online and not meeting the person you crave and would like to meet?

We know what you are going through and it can be a lonely place when you aren't getting the results you desire. In this situation you have to hang in there and never give up!

Men’s Killer Dating Profile Tip #1
Test your replies from what you write in your first and second emails. Save your emails in a file and use the ones that get the most replies as templates...everyone is unique though.

Men’s Killer Dating Profile Tip #2
You must comment on personal things they have written in their profile. To show you have made the effort to find out something about them.

And remember, nothing works 100% of the time.

I still scratch my head when a profile ignores my interest...and I match their criteria well...go figure.

Men’s Killer Dating Profile Tip #3

When editing or making up your profile, pretend you are a copywriter.

By this I mean imagine you have been paid by a company to write a profile convincing a client to be interested in that company’s goods.

So to do that you need to tell the reader this;


Read profiles of men in your area and age group to scope out the competition.

Notice how often they use the word ' I.'

So you’ll see they are focusing on themselves, instead of the reader.

This is good for you, so that your profile will stand out from the crowd.

For example;

Instead of writing, 'I love going to the beach for a swim.'

Write it this way, 'Do you enjoy going to the beach for a walk and a swim?'

Subtle difference, but it works!

Instead of this, 'I like to cook.'

Write it, 'Do you like your man to cook for you while having a glass of wine together.’

Get the idea?

So why not edit your profile and delete as many ' I's ' as you can.

Or set up a new one and see the results...

You will notice the difference quickly.

Focus on what you think the type of people that interests YOU, would like to read and do.

Tip #4 (The last and most crucial)

Make sure you have something sexy to wear once you snag that date! Who knows how lucky you might get, so be prepared. Briefs are great, boxer briefs are nice... But have you considered a jockstrap? Think about it, something that gives your package a form-fitted silhouette and makes your butt look good. (And we all love a cute booty). So visit Mo' where you can find a range of affordable, great quality jockstraps.

Try them out and good luck to you!

Until next time and more dating tips, keep smiling...