The Essential Guide to Men's Jockstrap Underwear

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The Essential Guide to Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Men’s Underwear

The modern underwear as we know it was invented by clothing designer Arthur Kneibler for the brand now formally known as Jockey Underwear. Still, before this snazzy invention, you can bet your bottom dollar that men were not free balling it. The predecessor to the modern-day brief was the jockstrap. Developed in 1874 the jockstrap was designed to give support and comfort for bicycle riders. 

Jockstrap History

Not only did the jockstrap prevent chafing, but it also helped keep all the dangly bits in place. Trousers back then were loose with lots of room for the boys to play around without any restrictions. Believe it or not, your great, great granddaddy kept his bits safe from swinging around unpredictably with a cool and comfortable jockstrap. 

The Rise of the Jockstrap

Ever wonder where the word “jock” comes from? That’s right, jockstraps became so synonymous with sports that athletes who wore them became known as jocks. Used by baseballers, footballers, wrestlers and in other contact sports, the jockstrap was an essential staple for men's underwear. The design was perfect for keeping your athletic cup in place and remaining comfortable enough to wear from the beginning to the end of a sporting event. 

Sweat, muscles and sports turned the jockstrap into an iconic representation of male masculinity and sexuality. It wasn’t too long before the underwear was appropriated by gay culture, and it began to evolve as a sex symbol within the community. 

Ten Reasons to Own a Jockstrap

  1. We may be biased but one thing that is undeniable about the jockstrap is it’s super comfortable. No more giving yourself wedgies and having to try and dig your underwear out of places it's not supposed to go. 
  2. Jockstraps have a historical sexiness that has not diminished as the years have passed and if anything, all the new colours and styles have made them even sexier. If you feel sexy you become more confident and the effects of that can be more money, more dates, better promotions and an overall better life. 
  3. Unlike other underwear, jockstraps are tight enough to keep everything in place and roomy enough to remain super comfortable. Although the modern man in his skinny jeans or snug 501 is unlikely to have the boys in danger from swinging around, adequate and comfortable support is still important. 
  4. Thanks to porn placing unrealistic expectations on size, girth and width, many guys wish their packages were bigger. Jockstraps are designed to focus on what matters the most and they make things look a lot bigger. 
  5. Spices up your love life. Nothing is hotter than something sexy in the bedroom so surprise him or her by dressing up your body and transforming love making into something more thrilling. 
  6. Enhances your foreplay. Undressing, gripping, grabbing provides a new way for your lover to explore your body. 
  7. The Mo’Milk jockstrap is inexpensive. You get the same premium as you would from any other big name international brand at a fraction of the cost. 
  8. Jockstraps take up place in your underwear draw and are easy to wash and dry. The Mo’Milk brand is chlorine resistant and made from recycled materials so you are also helping the environment.
  9. Your wardrobe is less boring.
  10. It’s sexy. What more do you need?

We urge you to throw away those 6 year old, worn out, stretched boxer-briefs and opt for something more flattering - The Mo’Milk Jockstrap! Not only do these form-fitted bad boys give you a nice silhouette but they also uplift your cheeks so it doesn’t look like your back continues straight down to your legs. Mo’Milk Men's Underwear, because it’s good for you.

Why The Mo’Milk Jockstrap?

Mo’Milk was born out of the idea of embracing male self-esteem and at the same time redefining male masculinity. Many men both, heterosexual and gay have perceptions of jockstraps that are rooted in toxic male masculinity. Our goal is to take those perceptions and eradicate them. 

Sports heroes of the past like baseballer Frank Chance, footballer Jorge Gibson Brown or hockey players Wilfred 'Tex' White and Billy Burch wore jockstraps. For them, this underwear epitomized male masculinity. One could argue that the jockstrap itself is deeply rooted in toxic masculinity. Still, like anyone who has watched Survivor, you know it doesn’t take very long for the hero to become the villain. 

We want to move away from negative connotations both for jockstraps and for men. We have come to an era where men are expected to live with unfair double standards that aren’t considerate of their mental well being. Where men have to look a certain way and feel bad when they don’t. Our goal is simple, live unapologetically, feel sexy and love the body you are in! 


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